"D. W. Lichtenberg's characters are cool and acutely self-conscious, but also refreshingly vulnerable. They point to the world's absurdities and yet, they still want to find their place within it. More than anything, they long to be authentic. Lichtenberg's narrator, an unemployed freelancer, doesn't simply observe his surroundings, he reinvents them, turning language inside-out and on its side as he struggles to connect. I loved Lichtenberg's wry sensibility and penetrating intellect. He writes about hipster angst with a level of candor and honesty that leaves this reader wishing JASON LOOK were a novel rather than a short story."
- Natalie Baszile, editor of 'The Cortland Review'

"There is a real zest in these poems. They combine understatement and overstatement to create a world of their own. The frolicking language dealing with complex subjects results in a real poetic tension and a new voice. There's a lot of pain in this collection, but it doesn't wear its heart on its sleeve. It taunts and mocks the emotions it has indulged in and often the result is oddly touching. Lichtenberg's joy in the every day reminds me of the daily pleasures as Frank O'Hara embraced them."
John Skoyles, author of 'The Situation' & poetry editor of 'Ploughshares'

"DW Lichtenberg writes poems that admirably resist the urge to sound poetic. Instead, he mines the random, the banal - 'a mountain of little not paying attentions' - for hidden moments of bright causality. Whether riding the subway or 'talking shit about a pretty sunset,' his is a highly entertaining new voice that will win you over with its combination of disarming simplicity and incisive wit."
- Elaine Equi, author of 'Ripple Effect'

"Dan's a pretty good writer."
- Stephen Rosenshein, winner of the Linenthal poetry award, all around great guy.

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