At some point in my life I stopped believing in love. Stop reading now if this fact bothers you.

Love is a bust. Friendship & desire are entirely real. What people percieve as love is probably just a mix of the two before mentioned things.

If you do in fact believe in love, fuck the last two bits & good for you. I often wish my cynicism was not so.

Someone once said: How can you love someone if you don't love yourself? Good show.

Don't fall in love with everyone you meet.

Knowing in theory is different than knowing in practice.

Every person ought to have his or her own identity. When you lose that identity in the blur of another person, that is not love. That is addiction.

:: More musings ::

You can think you know. But you can't know you know.

Drunkenly falling in love with someone is the most dangerous thing of all. Often when you sober up, you still think you're in love with the person.

The concept of love itself is usually a lot more attractive than the purported lover, but the line between the two is nearly invisible.

Often you will fall in love with his or her eyelashes. Beware of this. Eyelashes are a lot like cupid.

Soulmate is a concept invented by people to make them feel better about their own hardheadedness.

Love is a tiger in the corner of my eye listening to THESE BOOTS ARE GONNA WALK ALL OVER YOU being sung by Nancy Sinatra & or Lee Hazlewood.
I was drunk when I wrote this. So take it for what it's worth.